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i need feedback, time is ticking

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  • i need feedback, time is ticking

    i really need feed back quickly, time is of the essence KANSAS LAWS


    thank you for the reply, i now have other questions,

    the last thing my boss said to me was go home and don't come back, this was not a face to face conversation, it was over the phone.

    my question are........

    when unempleyment contacts my former employer, what if they say i walked out and quit? or what if they say he is still an employee, he is just under suspension?

    i worked for a family business, and have no doubt that they would say untruths, and then back each other up... I feel like they're going to try to stomp on me, and try to make everyone believe that i quit. Which is total untruth.

    next question is......

    when i go to pick up my check,

    Can they delay giving it to me?
    can they withhold any earnings?
    can they make me pay my vacation back?
    do i have to sign anything ?
    what if it's not at the office? which is normal. what if my boss has it in his pocket all day and i'm forced to wait untill he has time to give it to me?
    Would it be a good idea to take a tape recorder or video camera to document exactly what happens?
    what do i do if their action are illegal? should i have my lawyer on speed dial?
    can the manager make me have a meeting before giving me my check?

    I refuse to back down, this company has ran over every employee it has ever had. I am going to stand my ground and cut them down to size. Would you please help me, and let me know where i stand?

    some of the questions i asked are in regards to the following.....
    i get paid the 15th, and my final check on the 1st of october. i will return my uniforms the 15th. i drove a service truck and there are a few small items missing, like a screwdriver, drill bit, etc. probably less than $20 worth of stuff.
    It was said at one time, that i was actually getting are vacation early, since i hadn't been there a full two years. that was said in spring, since then i have paseed the two year mark.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Derailment, I understand that you are very concerned about this issue, but I'm still going to have to ask you to limit yourself to posting each question one time. The same people answer all the employment law forums; posting multiple times is not going to get you more or faster answers. Thank you for understanding.
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