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need advice quit my job after 4 years

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  • need advice quit my job after 4 years

    first of all i am assistant manager at a convienant store. I was there for four years my duties that he had me doing was hireing people and fireing people, cigarette audits, payroll, grocery order which includes all grocery items, freezer,cooler,paper products. plus i had to change gas prices, keep the other employees busy. did books which includes deposits. also i did returns. basically what i am saying here i did everything a manager does plus more and not getting paid what managers get. The company told me i was a valuable asset to the company but i have not so good credit i cant have my own store. But when my boss goes on vacation he schedule me everyday tell he comes back which was 11 days straight. I run the store like a manager. The 11 days he schedule was no tover 40 just so many in a row, plus he had me doing so much i was over 40 couldnt get out of there in time. Some days i work over 8 hours only one in store and no breaks. Also besides manager duties i also had other duties such as keep cooler full and keeping store clean. The second day my boss was on vacation him and his wife was in the store eight times that day (taunting me) no reason for being there. Knowing i was behind on workgas pumps went down and wouldnt help, In fact i had another employee in there and he asked her what time is Kathy to leave today and she replied 1 and he looked at the clock and chuckled it was almost 3:00. I even had the district manager in there that day told him everything my boss left me too do and what time i was to leave . He just added more things to list for me to do. I was so stressed and fustrated in tears i called my husband he said i am calling him and you are finished he was tired of seeing me hurt and upset. Also i did forget to add On the day before his vacation he left me there by myself to put our truck away and took a early vacation. I am filing for unemployment but got a letter they are appealing it do i have a chance? Can you give me some advice that i can use in the hearing?

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    I can not offer any advise, but I wanted to commend you for staying as asst. mgr. that long. I was the assistant manager then manager of my own store. In the company I worked for, I was better off getting the assistant pay than the manager pay. I give you two thumbs up for putting up with crap that long. I only lasted 9 months total.


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      Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that you will get unemployment benefits because you quit. It is completely up to the state UI adjudicator. All you can do is tell your story, but I would not be optimistic.
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        "Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that you will get unemployment benefits because you quit. It is completely up to the state UI adjudicator. All you can do is tell your story, but I would not be optimistic."

        I agree with your result here, but disagree that it is "completely up to the state UI adjudicator".

        This is a quasi-judicial process and as such the claimaint is entitled to ordinary constitutional protections (i.e., 14th amendment due process clause, equal protection, etc.), as well as whatever protections are made available by state law (i.e., right to appeal).

        Saying the (essentially administrative) employee who makes the first determination has the final say is extremely misleading. People have certain rights in this country when dealing with the government. They may be few, but they are in full force when dealing with a quasi-judicial process like this.
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