Hi! Hopefully someone can help me! I work for a co. in WI, and I'm a cashier/asst. man. We have 2 different time cards: White card=cashier and the Green card=asst. man. It's $3.50 more an hour on the green card, and we do almost everything the manager does when we're on the green card(except make as much $). our DM switches our time cards from green to white if we do management duties when the manager is there, however the cashiers are never having to do any of these responsibilities ( There are some co-workers that are only cashiers, white cards only). It's kind of like a "you know how to do it, so you're going to do it" kind of thing.
So basically- If I'm doing management duties shouldn't I be on my green card getting paid for these duties? No matter who's there?
-Can DM legally keep switching my timecard?
Any other info would be wonderful! I'm sorry this is so long and confusing, this is the best way to describe it. Thank you so much in advance!