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Messed Up In California!!!

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  • Messed Up In California!!!


    I have worked for my employer here in california, for 9 years, during this time I have seen several employees steal products, and do so on a weekly basis. I mentioned it to my manager and she just laughed. My manager works at are other location but works at our site with all the employees for 2.5 months during the summer. My manager has revealed personal information to other co-workers that I had told her. My manager is paying a employee whom I work next to, 40+ hours more on her monthly time sheet than she actually worked. I brought this up to her after she questioned me for 2.5 hours she didn't authorize , I then brought up the fact that my co-worker is being paid way to many hours and is never here, she then turns around and adds 22 hours to my pay. I am told by co-workers that this employee has been getting paid full time salary for part time work for most of this past year. she has the same title I do and we are not allowed to work more than 3.5 in the fall, winter and spring, in summer we can work 8 hours.. I had a second shift taken away from me when a co-worker quit I worked her shift for a total of 7 hours daily , my boss said she can't let me work all those hours, but how is ok for this other person to get full 8 hours everyday. She comes in leaves after 3 hours , goes and does side jobs while being paid from my work at the same time.

    One more thing. I have been ripped off by a co-worker for 4 straight summers in a row. I was just thinking last week hey I didn't get ripped this summer and bam she took my $280.00 digital camera. Other co-workers told me to call her and ask her if she picked it up and she went off on me saying aI always accuse her , like last summer and my jacket, well two co-workers saw her take it. I have told my boss over and over and she does or says nothing to her. Is it fair that I should have to worry about getting jacked at work. What do I do ? I was so upset about my camera I called in sick today? any advice would be appreciated.

    by the way the person above who gets free hours is also the person who steals from workers.

    thanks me in california

    thank you

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    If you are really sure your co-workers are telling the truth about another employee stealing your personal belongings, then file a report of the theft with the police. And, never bring anything so valuable as a camera to work again without a safe, locked place to put it. Or just don't bring it to work at all.
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