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Mileage reimbursement

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  • Mileage reimbursement

    My employer (a small business owner) asked me to go on errand to purchase some supplies. I had to use my vehicle and my own cash to pay for the items. I filled out an expense report and put the mileage down (it was very little). The last place I worked we were reimbursed mileage for using our cars to run errands for the company. So, when I handed the owner the expense report, he said that he does not reimburse mileage, that basically any short trips are considered "normal business." Being fairly certain about there being no provision for using my vehicle to perform company errands falling under the umbrella of "normal business," I challenged him on this. He said that most companies don't reimburse people for mileage for running errands. I also don't believe this. He told me to take if off my own taxes. Well, I'm quite sure the mileage I accrue runing errands will not be enough to get the deduction using the Schedule A for the federal tax return, but it could be a fairly sizeable amount of cash in a year's time. So, tell me, should I just track the miles for the year, submit on my tax return & it is not enough to get the deduction, take it up with him then, refuse to run errands without reimbursement, or just suffer. It really bugs me that he wants to be such a cheapskate about it, because if I can deduct it off my taxes, certainly he could as well.

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    I can find no requirement that an employer must reimburse employee's for using their personnel vehicles. However most companies that I know of do have a policy that pays for milage just because it's a good policy to do so.

    Take the tax write-off and see if you can find a fairer boss to work with.


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      Mileage Reimbursement

      What state are you in?
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