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  • Are you serious

    So i live in nebraska and work for a movie theatre. We work six hour shifts and were really busy tonight. Our manager came in and said that we were not going to get a break tonight. I thought that was wrong and i didn't think that was legal, so i talked to my team leader ( he is my boss and a step down from our managers) and he sent me on break. 5 minutes after i went on break my manager came out and said i can go home because i am fired. He said he clocked me out because nobody else got a break so i couldn't have one, even though i was told i could.Is this legal, or am i just screwed and out of a job?

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    It's not illegal to not give you a break, there is no federal or state of Nebraska law that requires it. Here are the states that do mandate breaks.

    Your termination was for insubordination and if legal. Not only did you argue what you were asked to do, you went ahead and did exactly what you were asked not to.

    Be sure of the law before you gamble your job on it.


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      The short version is that your manager told you that you couldn't take a break and you took one anyway. When your manager gives you an order, you don't go to the team leader (your manager's subordinate) and see if you can get his decision overruled. Yes, you are screwed out of a job; you did it to yourself.


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