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Rounding down hours

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  • Rounding down hours

    I recently started a new job here in Missouri and I have found out after my first check that my employer is rounding the hours worked for each day down to the nearest half hour. After talking to a few people I've heard that the only time you can round down hours is after you add up everything for the pay period and you can only go to the nearest quarter of an hour, is this true?

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    Always rounding down is not legal. It should be to the closes quarter hour. If you clock out at 5:07, it goes down to 5:00. If you clock out at 5:08, it goes up to 5:15.


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      That's what I thought, thank you for the quick reply.

      Could anyone point me in the right direction to look this up so I can show them what they are doing is wrong? I've tried to look but I don't know how it would be worded so it was quite pointless.
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        Here ya go.


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