I have worked at my place of employment for 5 years. Our company is small and consists of only 6 people. When I was originally hired I was told I was an hourly employee. A year later they lost all of the office employees and I worked in excess of 30 days straight with no time off. When I received my first check my check did not reflect the hours I had put in. I questioned the owner and he said "Oh we decided to make you a salaried employee. Now mind you I was not told this in advance. So with that he agreed to pay me for the hours I put in one last time before being placed on a salaried basis. Time passed and I was docked on my paycheck for leaving earlier than my normal shift for a dental appointment even though I had put in several hours overtime. All other employees when they leave early get paid for the time due to the fact the in this line of work you are inclined to put in extra time.
So when I took this to the newer accountant at the office and stated my paycheck was short she informed me that I was not salaried but I was an hourly employee. Now that I'm supposedly an hourly employee shouldn't I be required to clock in and out like the other two hourly employee have to and shouldn't I also be paid overtime when overtime is worked. This has been going on now for three years.