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cost of living denied??How

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  • cost of living denied??How

    hello I am in the state of Nebraska- I work at a not for profit hospital in surgery. I was told today that I would not be given a cost of living raise. I have worked next month here for 3 years. I was quoted a starting salary higher than I am currently being paid, I was told because my certification expired I was being paid more than my counterparts. I was hired at a higher rate than what they wanted to pay me, but I felt i negotiated with the experience of someone employed for 10 years in a higher level facility. I have not recieved a regular raise since the 90 day probation, and have recieved the cost of living until this year. I was shown my piece of paper that had my current pay( which was wrong from my current pay) I was told that even if i get my certification back now, I could not get a raise for 1 more year.... I thought a cost of living raise was just that, a cost of living raise-- I dont get it how they can do that... this is an on going problem and I would like to know if i have any recourse to this recent slap in the face.... they also require us to carry a pager for an hour and a half before they start paying us.. what is the rule on that as well? I wonder if it is time for someone to stand up for what is right? thankyou in advance for your help-is this appropriate?

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    It doesn't legally matter whether it is appropriate and quite frankly, it doesn't even matter whether it is "right".

    Cost of living raises are not required by law. Unless you have a bona fide, enforceable contract which guarantees them, your employer may withhold them if they so choose.

    It extremely likely that you are not owed any compensation for carrying a pager. Check with your state DOL on this but in the majority of cases, you are only owed compensation for being on call if your movements are "unduly restricted" which happens rarely in these days of pagers and cell phones. It's quite likely that if you are being compensated for carrying the pager after the first hour and a half, regardless, your employer is doing more than they are required to do.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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