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Vacation Pay Delemma

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  • Vacation Pay Delemma

    I have been trying in vain to find out about something and no-one seems to know the correct answer. I have been at a small business in Georgia for over 5 years now. I have 72 hours vacation accumulated, along with 8 hours sick time. We do not have a handbook or anything but are given a letter at the beginning of the year stating what our vacation, holidays, and sick time are. Two weeks ago, we are given an email from our boss that stated that due to financial burdens, he will be temporarily be taking away all vacation, sick time, and accumulated make-up time. I had just put $500. on a vacation for June that he approved, and now I fear I will not be able to go, as I cannot afford to take off without my vacation time. I am also obligated to pay $1,000. by the end of the next month to finish paying for my vacation. When I questioned him about it, he laughed and said well, by June, we'll either be out of a job or "flying high". I would really like to know if this is legal or not. Can a job just up and take away accumulated vacation, sick, and make-up time away like this? Please let me know.

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    Yes, he can. I'm not sure what "make-up" time is...but if it for holidays, vacations and sick, a PA employer can void those benefits. You may be able to pursue the employer though small claims court (for the loss of the vacation deposit). However, you won't be able to make a claim through the wage and hour division.
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