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What time is it?

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  • What time is it?

    Arizona. Financial/banking

    Is there anything anyone can do about the time of day? My emplyer sets the clock 5 minutes fast, and subsequently, there are a few people marked as arriving late according to the clock set fast five minutes, (and you might say, "just be 10 minutes early") is that considered falsifying employment records?

    All the TV stations display the same minutes after the hour, as do the radio announcements, (within a few secounds). Calling local time, they even have the same minutes after the hour as the previous mentioned sources. Even my cell phone displays the time which won't allow me to program the time, it is preset.

    Though it may be the principal, or the fact that the acurrate (spell?) time is not being recorded when an employee arrives, and it probably is not a legal violation of any law to set your clock for any time you want it to be, but isn't it clearly unfair or unethical to be written up for tardies when the clock is set ahead. I know more than one employer in AZ does this.

    My boss said jokingly after I complained that their clock is wrong, "Well you will get to leave five minutes early!" What about the customers? If they are outside waiting for you to open, they will wait. But what about the customer that is locked out as he approaches the entrance because we closed 5 minutes early, will we lose his business? you betcha'

    Is there any steps employees can make no matter how involved, to get this passed as a law?

    Thanks for your input and taking me serious.

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    Wrong Timeclock

    As you guessed, there is nothing that would require an employer to sync his/her clock to actual time, if the time doesn't overly benefit an employer.

    As far as getting a law passed, you can write to your senator or representative at the federal level, asking for such a law. Or, you can contact your state representative to see if can be raised at the state level. However, be warned, there is little chance that you will be able to get this passed. The various legislative bodies will probably put this at the bottom of their priority list.

    As your manager suggested, its probably a good idea to anticipate that his/her clock is set five minutes early. As such, the employees should build that five minutes into their routine.
    Lillian Connell

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