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minimum wage & break questions from florida

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  • minimum wage & break questions from florida


    Ok so I'm 16 and I just started a job at a fairly big company doing office work and such. I live in Florida. I have a few questions actually. One is im being paid 5.15 an hour, which my boss says is minimum wage. I know an ammendment just passed in this recent election for it to be raised to $6.15 an hour, but my boss says that it's not 'in effect yet.' Is he right? Or should I be getting $6.15? Also, we use a time clock system, and he makes all the employes clock out for EVERYTHING- personal phone calls & smoke breaks, Ok I understand having to clock out for those 2, BUT he makes us clock out to uyse the bathroom also, and then deducts all of our breaks from our pay. So If i take 2 10 minute breaks a day, thats 20 minutes a day times 5 days = 100 minutes = over an hour docked from my pay just for using the bathroom. This dosent seem fair? Am I right to complain? Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Minimum Wage

    Florida's new minimum wage rate of $6.15 per hour doesn't go into effect until May 2, 2005.

    As far as breaks are concerned, short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes may not be docked from a person's pay. You can read the following website for more information:
    Lillian Connell

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