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need help in Ohio!

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  • need help in Ohio!

    I will try and explain the situation as brief as possible any help or direction would be great. I am a Police chief in a small town in ohio i have one full time officer plus myself and one partime officer. we used to be told that on our time cards we needed to only put down 40 hrs for the Auditors even though we may have worked 60 hours. we were told that we are salary employees and we donot get overtime pay or comp hours we have to be on call 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for years this was fine because we came and went as we pleased as long as the job was done we were very flexible. Now with a new mayor he says we have to work a 40 hour schedule and anything after that we do not get compinsated for and he also wants a schedule of our hours one month in advance now with law enforcement this is kinda hard to do. we do keep accurate time cards as well as daily logs.There are times that we may put in 60 -80 hours in one week.The town Clerk stated that the Ohio labor laws do not effect us employees because we are a small government and they can make up their own laws(sorta like the old west) none of the wage and hours effecting the Police department in general can be found in the towns ordinance book. please help!

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    Salaried Employees

    Salaried employees can be required to work a core number of hours as well as keep a certain schedule. Also, as a salaried exempt employee, your employer does not need to pay you overtime or comp-time. Even though you are a small department, your employer must comply with the laws. However, the laws aren't in your favor. You can read more about it at:
    Lillian Connell

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