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  • Hired PT, working FT hours North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina

    I've been working for a large, well-known pet supply store/hospital for 3 weeks. I was hired part-time with strong suggestion that I would go full-time soon. I've worked 32, 38, and 38 hours (respectively) during these weeks. Corporate (located in Washington) policy states that working more than 30 hours qualifies as "full-time." My manager will not change my status to full-time. He also never gave me a state W-4 form to fill out, so my first paycheck has both "married" and "single" status on it. Very confusing. Also working 12-hour shifts with a 1-hour lunch break and have been told the 1-hour cannot be broken into 30 or 15-minute times to allow for lunch and dinner. Any advice?

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    Except for a very few specific benefits full-time is defined by the employer and they get to decide when you move from part-time to full-time. Many have a policy about how many weeks you have to work over part time hours to move it to full-time classification. Many times working one or two hours over the 30 hour per week does not automatically move you to full-time status. For example, Under ppaca for health insurance, the employer will pick a specified time period - generally monthly quarterly or annually .. to calculate FTE status

    And generally they get to set your work hours and your break times. They just have to pay you for any breaks that are less than 20 minutes long

    As to the W-4 for the state if they don't have a valid one they have to assume single with zero allowances. If you want something different I suggest printing a North Carolina W – four off the Internet filling it out and turning it in.


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