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St. Louis, MO Travel question Missouri

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  • St. Louis, MO Travel question Missouri

    A prospective employer-based in Colorado-says that for time spent traveling past the 1st hour they only pay half of the regularly assigned wage.

    Is this legal? Common practice?

    I ask because the job itself as a COMMON FEATURE travels from the St. Louis area all the way out to the surrounding states like Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc...

    Thank you.

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    The actual federal regulations are 29 CFR 785.33-785.41. The "785" group is "hours worked" and the ".33"-",41" are the "travel time"sub- group. Read the entire group of regulations to see how they apply to your situation.

    Past that, if we are talking federal law only, FLSA says that the employer must pay minimum wage (on average) for all hours worked, and overtime where applicable. If the employee is both Exempt and Salaried, then they just need to follow the "541" regulations, including "salary test".

    Different states can and sometime do have different rules here. But as long as FLSA is followed, all states as far as I know are find with paying minimum wage for travel time.
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