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Georgia/Louisiana : Out of town travel/commute/paid travel Georgia

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  • Georgia/Louisiana : Out of town travel/commute/paid travel Georgia

    Thanks for your time and any responses. The Dept of Labor website and the Portal to Portal act are both confusing and most of their examples do not cover my issue. I have worked for a company for 15 years, but it was acquired by another individual two years ago. The terms of employment (I'm non-exempt, hourly) stayed the same until last week. Basically most of our technicians work in a metropolitan area in Georgia, but travel out of time for approximately a week at a time once or twice a month most of the year. I actually live in Louisiana and do the same thing, but almost all of my time is spent away from my home. No idea if this matters, but I keep the company vehicle, all my tools (specialized testing equipment/tools/supplies) at my house, along with packing supplies for shipping broken equipment to the office in Georgia and various supplies (batteries/specialized tools,etc). I travel from my home to a certain area in my state and neighboring states each week on Monday, then stay at hotels every day (working various hours, anywhere from 4 AM to 10 PM) until Friday when I come home. The new owner now states that I must subtract the initial drive to the customers (up to 45 minutes) and, at the end of the day, my drive to my hotel (up to 45 minutes) from my hours. This applies every day I am out of town. For example, I leave my hotel in Dallas on Tuesday, drive an hour to my first customer, so I can only claim 15 minutes as "work time". I then work all day and finish my last customer for that day, then drive an hour to Waco (so I can just claim 15 minutes again for this drive, not the full hour). The new owner states that I must consider the hotel as my "home base" for calculations. My understanding is that my home is my residence, that's it. Since I am working away from my "home community" would he be correct? Also, could my house be considered "the office" since there is no way I can drive to the office in Georgia to clock in and I have all my supplies, work vehicle, computer, specialized tools there? Any help would be appreciated. This week alone I had to subtract approximately 6 hours of drive time. The old owner had us start our time when we left the hotel and stop it when we got to the next hotel at the end of the day.
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