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wages for a specific degree? California

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  • wages for a specific degree? California

    is there a law that says that if a person is a certain profession, and has that degree or license, the must be paid at lease x amount of above?

    and if there is, where would I find this information.

    we provide patients with caregivers, license vocational nurses, and registered nurses.

    they all make above minimum wage.

    thank you

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    Your only real minimums are the ones under FLSA or state wages laws (minimum wage/OT or the minimum salary to be considered exempt). Past that, it would possibly be covered in a union agreement or contract (if such existed and it is not a law that there must be one). And then it just gets back to what the economic wage market will bear. If you aren't paying enough, you will see good employees leave for higher paying jobs and have higher turnover and training costs. Or you won't be able to recruit good ones at all.

    Your best bet on what is "normal" is to find a compensation study done for the industry that takes into account factors like experience, education, etc.


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      As long as minimum wage has been met, you are legally clear. The law does not care whether or not someone has a degree or license. There are jobs with no degree requirement which pay very well (athlete, actor, electrician) and ones requiring extensive degrees and licensing which do not (social worker, teacher).
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