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I Was Shorted 40rs On My Paycheck Texas

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  • I Was Shorted 40rs On My Paycheck Texas

    Hello Everyone!

    Today as I was checking my pay stub at work, I noticed it was shorter than usual. I am a full-time operations manager for Office Depot/ Office Max in Texas and typically work 40hrs a week. On this particular paycheck I worked worked 87hrs but was only paid for 41hrs. When I approached my boos about my concerns he pretty much brushed it off and went on a rant about things that need to be done as we are prepping for our yearly inventory. After asking multiple times over the duration of several hours of him working in his office. I asked if i should just contact HR, he then said he would look into it, note he is the one that sends the payroll. After pulling up my time sheet his response to the situation was, and I quote " I don't know man". If anyone has any advice on what I should do please contact me. I am very frustrated and don't want to overreact, but I work very hard and recently had surgery and only took that day off of work, i returned to work the very next day to be able to have money to cover the cost. In addition to that I have the typical debt of any 30yr old college graduate in the U.S.

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    See whether or not you can resolve the situation with your Payroll department. It's always better to deal with things internally first if you can. If there's no help coming there, then you can always file a wage claim with the TWC.
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      I have employees in TX and TWC is not a quick fix. It sounds like payroll picked up only one week rather than two. I agree with cbg that you should reach out to your payroll dept.

      If you need to go through your manager, try to set a time during the day to talk to him. Asking every time you see him will probably only tick him off.


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        I would give manager one more chance to fix. Wait for a time when the store is not busy and ask him again to fix it. If you get "I don't know man" or something similar again, then say something in a POLITE but firm tone. "I really have to have this fixed. I cannot afford not to be paid for the hours worked. Can you please fix that for me, and how soon, or should I just call the payroll department?" If still no action, then call payroll.


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          If neither your manager or payroll will take care of it, then contact the TWC. Good luck.
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            Agreed with the other answers. I notice you are using the word "manager" in your title. While job titles are legally meaningless, most managers are paid a fixed salary, not an hourly rate. I would be inclined to talk to payroll first and just ask them what is happening. If you really are a manager subject to the 29 CFR 541.602 regulations, then it is not likely that you are paid hourly. It would be nice to make sure that the correct problem is being addressed, and payroll might be a better party to start with.
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