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Travel time paid or not paid?? Oregon

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  • Travel time paid or not paid?? Oregon

    My job requires travel most of the time we generally meet at the shop and then all drive together to the jobsite. our jobs are anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks. Right now we are driving an hour and a half each way to the job site and only get paid for work time not any travel time. Should we be getting paid for traveling? We are gone 14 hours a day and only getting paid for 10. They also deduct an hour for lunch. When we travel overnight or to any jobs that are far away we usually get paid travel time one way. I know the Oregon laws talk about overnight travel that if you traveled during regular work hours you get paid but we don't really have regular work hours each job is different so how do we know if we qualify to get paid any travel time at all?

    My (employer) pays us different pay rates for different things like shop work is one rate driving is a rate and our work is a rate. He doesn't add them all together when it comes to work hours. We only get overtime on our regular work hours not anything else. I know it's the law to pay overtime with all the hours included. What do we do if our employer is breaking the law? There are other areas that he is not following the law either.
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    If the employer is not paying per wage and hour laws, you will need to file a claim with the DOL. It is free to do so. Federal rules can be found here

    It is totally legal to pay different tasks at different rates.
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