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Can My employer Fine Me? Maryland

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  • Can My employer Fine Me? Maryland

    If I generate a good CSI score over a month I get a bonus, but if I do not score high enough to get the bonus ($750) he takes $350 out of my pay. Is that legal?

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    - What is CSI (other then a TV show)?
    - Not paying a bonus is mostly legal if done correctly. Docking wages are legally more problemlatic. Example, Bob works in a state with the same MW as the feds ($7.25). Bob works exactly 40 hours this workweek. Under federal law, Bob must be paid at least MW, which is 40 times $7.25/hr = $290. Unless Bob is Outside Sales, it is not legally possible to pay Bob less then MW. Now if Bob is normally paid say $15/hr, or $600, then a $250 docking would leave $350, which would not violate federal law. I do not know enough about MD law to have an opinion on that. I have not read any documents involved, which also may be of interest. The best I can say is that if MW/OT is paid even with the deduction then the feds are not interested. If state MW/OT rules are being followed AND everything is spelled out ahead of time, then likely the state does not care either. I am in CA, which is generally considered the most employee friendly state, and as long as MW/OT rules are followed, and everything is well spelled out ahead of time, what you describe would not be interently illegal. Of course, a dumb employer can mess up almost anything.
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      CSI is customer service index. Usually involved customer surveys reporting how an employee performed during a transaction.


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        Is the employer taking the $350 out of the bonus or reducing your pay on a going forward basis so that it amounts to $350 less than you wouls make if your scores were acceptable? If so, that is legal.
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