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Requesting a DOL audit - Florida

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  • Requesting a DOL audit - Florida

    How do you request a DOL audit on a bad employer?

    Florida has no good labor laws so how do I request a fed one

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    Just to be clear, requesting an audit and actually getting one are two very different things. The feds audit whoever they feel like auditing, not necessarily whoever you want them to audit. Having actual complaining witnesses who are willing to go on the record increases the chances of the audit.

    Send them something in writing. Be very specific about the problems. Include your name and contact information. Complaints from unknown people almost certainly go directly into the waste paper basket because the person making the complaint is unwilling to actually help DOL out. DOL has limited resources and they generally focus audits where there are actual people willing to help them out.
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      I'm willing to help them even if I lose my job over it. I have documents, and company
      letters, notices that is proof that the employer is willfully breaking the law.
      and other employees that are afraid to speak up but if put on a wittness stand will
      tell the truth.

      Question is, where do I file the complaint, and is there a proper format to use?


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        You could call up federal DOL and ask them. Or go on their website.

        Filing a complaint - DOL's Wage and Hour Division manages complaints regarding violations of the various laws and regulations it administers. To file a complaint concerning one of these laws, contact your nearest Wage and Hour Division office or call the Department's Toll-Free Wage and Hour Help Line at 1-866-4-US-WAGE.
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          You can call directly to any of these offices;

          Jacksonville District Office (904) 359-9292
          US Dept. of Labor
          Wage & Hour Division
          Charles E. Bennett Federal Building
          400 West Bay Street, Room 956, Box 017
          Jacksonville, FL 32202

          Miami District Office (305) 598-6607
          US Dept. of Labor
          Wage & Hour Division
          Sunset Center
          10300 Sunset Drive, Room 255
          Miami, FL 33173-3038

          Tampa District Office (813) 288-1242
          US Dept. Of Labor
          Wage & Hour Division
          Austin Laurel Building
          4905 W. Laurel Avenue, Suite 300
          Tampa, FL 33607-3838

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