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Drive time not paid - Florida

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  • Drive time not paid - Florida

    I work in the service industary, I'm required to goto the company's shop in the morning and pick up the company vechile and crew, drive to a job, then back to the shop before I can go home. But the company does not pay for the time it takes to drive back to the shop. They are claiming this it home/work travel, but say we are not free to do as we wish, can't go to dinner, movie, beach, exc.... before returning to the shop, and can't take the truck home at night. From my previous post here I know this is not allowed, that they must pay for that time. at this time my employer owes me about $2700 for time work that i wasn't paid for the last 8 mos. at this point i'm ready to take them to small claims. Is there case law supporting my claim? can you link it please?


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    DOL factsheet on hours worked.

    DOL Travel time regulations are 29 CFR 785.33-785.41

    My one concern is that your question is worded in such as way as to mix together elements of travel time and "engaged to work". I think maybe you are looking for one big answer when practically you are going to need to break things down into pieces and examine each piece separately. If you are in the middle of "driving to a job", then "we are not free to do as we wish" is not an immediate issue.
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