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previous employer unwilling to pay last paycheck Ohio

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  • previous employer unwilling to pay last paycheck Ohio

    so here's the story. I received my paycheck from my previous job in march of around $800 a week later it was transferred back out of my account by their bank due to lack of funds on their part. this caused my account to bounce four times. I brought it to my employers attention and they agreed to sort it out and pay me my wage and the amount the fees totaled from my bank which now totals over $1,000. In the following months until now they claim they had an attorney draw up paperwork claiming they'll pay me in full by the fifteenth of may. It's now a month after the due date and now the lines of communication have been severed they have sent a message saying if i or my family contact them in any way way they will contact the police saying I'm harassing them.

    at this point I'm at a loss. I contacted the Ohio wage and hour department and left a message but haven't heard back. I'm also going to be contacting the civil department of the local police. What I'd like is any opinions or advice anyone might have, thank you for all your help

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    Don't waste your time contacting the police - they do not get involved with wage claims. Follow up with the Ohio DOL - contact an employment attorney if you do not get any help from the state.
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