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an you quit a job before your 90th day and get unemployment?

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  • cbg
    Unemployment is for people who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. It is not a needs based program. There is no contingency clause allowing people who quit their jobs to get unemployment as long as they're still in their probationary period. It doesn't matter whether it's still within his first 90 days or not; if he quits because the job isn't what he thought it would be that is not a reason to get unemployment. It doesn't matter if he's been employed 30 days or 30 years; he will only get unemployment if his employment ends for a qualifying reason, which in most cases does not include quitting.

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  • Betty3
    You didn't give the name of your state. However, you generally do not get UI
    if you quit a job.

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  • an you quit a job before your 90th day and get unemployment?

    My husband left a job in another state to be able to come back home to us. (was long distance commuting). he had some reservations about the way the organization operated but he needed to come home to the family. he has been in the job now for 30 days and it is not going well they are not hiring the help they told him he would have and he is working 15 hour days. There are some budget issues that are concerning him as well and there is an employee who must have an "in" with the owners and is being given free reign to do what she wants (even though my husband is her boss). 3 lead people have already quit. He is not a quitter but this is not what he bargained for at all.He is miserable and i am concerned for his health. if he quits before his 90th day will he get unemployment (I know he can apply, and i know it wil go against his last employer..but is there some kind of clause abut getting unemployment in prbabtionary period? I mean isnt that what it is for? thanks
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