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Need Piece Rate Info Indiana

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  • Need Piece Rate Info Indiana

    I work for a RV company. I am a piece rate employee. The last 4 weeks I have been making Higher paying units but my paychecks are not showing it.

    I approached the Plant manager and i asked him to see the pay rates for the Units that we make and he said he cannot show me the pay rates for units due to Company Policy. This does not seem right to me. As an Employee do i not have the right to know what i am being paid for?

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    Probably not. There is a slight chance that not advising you of the rates per piece COULD be considered inadequate notice of a decrease in pay, but I'd be calling the state DOL and asking them.
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      Also, just to be sure, make sure that on a workweek basis that you are being paid at least minimum wage, and overtime (if applicable). Piece work is only legal to the extent that MW/OT are not impacted under federal law (FLSA). As long as MW/OT are complied with, the feds basically lose interest.

      The state may or may not have interest. CA for example would have interest, and FL would not. Your state is not my state and I have no idea what IN thinks on this subject. Some states care very little about most things.
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