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Michigan Commissions and Draws Michigan

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  • Michigan Commissions and Draws Michigan

    I am an employee I signed a contract that I get 500 a week draw against future commissions, have to work in the office for 40 hours a week and attend any functions that the company requires. I have 12,000 due in commissions and the company only wants to pay me 8000 cause I had 4000, in drwas before the sales. but I answered phones and did secretarial things for this company am I at least entitled to minimum wage for this?


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    Probably. Did you ever sell in the field? The key is that you either qualified for the FLSA Outside Sales exception, or you do not. That is a function of looking at the actual rules in the exception. If the Outside Sales exception fails, then it is a near certainty that you must be paid (at least) minimum wage for all hours worked.
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      Thank you for the link

      Thanks for the link defines things quite well.


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