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Book Time vs. Hourly Rate Illinois

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  • Book Time vs. Hourly Rate Illinois

    Good Day All,

    Our shop (automotive body reapair) was just purchased by a new company and the pay scale has just been revamped. The current payscale is 15.00 per booked hour. That is, if the job is written for 10 hours I would recieve 150.00 for the job regardless of how long it took to complete the repair. The owners do not offers us any kind of "guaranteed" minimum bookings. The problem comes in that they cannot seem to get any work for myself or any other co-workers. They require us to punch in and stay for 8 hours a day even if there is no work for us to do, 40 hours a week required and yet only paying us less than 5 hours. Can they require us to be here and not pay us?

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    No, they cannot. You must be paid at least the equivalent of minimum wage for all hours worked. Note that sitting waiting for a job to do is considered work hours by the Fair Labor Standards Act regulations.

    The first paycheck you get where this is not the case (note that Illinois minimum wage is higher than the federal-$8.00/hr currently and going up to $8.25/hr July 1, 2010), you can file a claim with the Illinois Dept. of Labor.
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      Another link is

      Although Patty's are solid.
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