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How to Gross Up Wages? Ohio

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  • How to Gross Up Wages? Ohio

    Can anyone let me know what the calculation is to gross up wages?

    Ex. Net amount $2000, YTD wages $68,000, no state tax applicable?

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    The simplest way is to just use a gross up calculator. The following website is free but requires registration.

    Past that OH is not my state, and I have no idea on OH-SIT. For the moment let's pretend there is no SIT (since that is what you said). Based on your YTD GW, FICA-SST is not yet capped. FICA-MT never has a cap. FIT does not have to use the Flat Tax method, but grossing up using a W-4 based method is complicated. So the normal answer (excluding OH which I do not know) looks something like this.

    FICA = 7.65%
    FIT = 28.%
    effective tax rate = 35.65%
    Net pay then must = 64.35%

    If we talk the $2K net pay and divide by 64.35%, we end up with a gross pay of $3,108. Alternatively, if we want to double check our work (and we should), taxes of 35.65% against $3,108 are $1,108, leaving a net pay of $2,000. This is pretty easy to spreadsheet a simple example. However, changes states, other deductions, withholding methods and this gets very complicated very quickly. Do this a lot, and the free on line payroll calculator starts looking very good. It is worthwhile for any payroll person to learn how to do this, but it gets old quickly.
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