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Arkansas RN salary question Arkansas

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  • Arkansas RN salary question Arkansas

    Hi, I'm trying to find out some information for my wife. She is a registered nurse working as a salaried employee for a hospice company here in Arkansas. She loves what she does, and doesn't want to change companies as it looks bad on her record. But the company is pushing her to work anywhere from twenty to sixty hours of unpaid overtime a week. On the flip side, when she gets sick (and with these hours it happens on a regular basis) they do not pay her for the days that she missed. My questions are:

    1. As a full time employee on a salary, doesn't that mean she get's paid a set amount per week regardless of hours worked?
    2. Are there any laws governing the number of hours per week a RN can work?

    Lastly, she signed on as a part time employee with an hourly wage. When she went to work full time, they changed her pay scale to salary without informing her. She didn't know about it until she received her paycheck. Is that legal?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. She needs some help.

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    Salaried exempt, yes, that is what it means, with limited exceptions.

    And here they are (which answers #2):

    Also see the next regulation regarding the effect of improper salary deductions.

    Unless this was, in effect, a decrease, probably not illegal. Poor communication and management though, I agree.

    There may be a limit; a few states have enacted legislation lately. Don't have time to look right now, but her licensing board should be able to tell her in a heartbeat.
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      Per my reference, nursing is not one of the occupations that has a maximum # of hrs. an employee can work unless something has been passed recently. It only notes certain railroad workers & motor carrier drivers. A restriction on saw & planing mill employees has been repealed. (state Arkansas)

      You can verify with the licensing board or a nurse attorney.
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