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PattyMD,,,I need your help also Pennsylvania

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  • PattyMD,,,I need your help also Pennsylvania

    Hello Patty, could I get your help on a question about moving and local taxes?
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    Strangely enough, the only requirement I could find for paycheck information to the employee is for railroad workers and seasonal farm workers.

    Having said that, the employer is not required to withhold the local earned income tax from your wages unless the company actually does business in that locality. They may as a courtesty, but they don't have to.
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      PA local...Berkheimer tax

      Not all employers take out this tax...I think you need to ask your employer to withhold it for you. Most localities use Berkheimer to collect the tax and they would be the best source of information regarding the collecting of local taxes.


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        The employer does not need to agree. My previous answer stands.
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          Absolutely the employer does not have to agree, can't hurt to ask though


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            Go to the local court house and talk to the assessor. They can tell you exactly what to expect, and how it can be paid.

            Usually a separate tax bill comes in the mail. This is different for almost every county and locality.

            Where I am in MO, it changes within the county so there are about 7 different entities possibly making collections.

            Confusing at best, madness at worse.


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              Originally posted by rear-ended
              thank you all for your help. they do take out the local tax where the company is located, but not the town i live in. guess i should just get ready to pay when the bill comes in. could of sworn they were suppose to automatically take it out. me=wrong again. taxes, taxes, taxes, 1%here 2%there, next thing you know, no take home pay, lol lol. thanks again everyone.
     this the same job/same employer? Is so, you are fine, you just need to let the employer continue taking it out and fill out the Berkheimer forms next spring. I live and work in two different 'local tax areas' (in PA) and the tax is being paid to a third area. It all comes clean in April when I file, berkheimer moves the money around for the counties and localities.


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                What kind of taxes does an employer withhold in PA? Maybe it's a cultural difference, but around here, we deduct for federal withholding and FICA/Medicare. There is no State income tax, and no local income taxes. Do you guys in the frozen North (youse guys?) really have all those taxes on income, or do employers withhold property taxes?

                Yeah, we have no State/local income tax, but we pay through the --- for property taxes.

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                  You are welcome R_E. I am in Chester County.

                  Yes, Texas, there are local income taxes here that vary from 5% in Philly to 1% for many municipalities. We also have a small bit of Unemployment tax taken out of our checks as well.

                  The State recently tried to switch School funding from property taxes to an EIT of 2.5%, it was voted down.


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                    Let me re-iterate. Unless the employer has a business presence in your locality they are not required to withhold the earned income tax where you now have a residence liability.
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                      FYI, in payroll circles, PA is considered to be one of the lower circles of hell. OH is not much better. Other states often have more complex labor laws, but PA and OH local tax laws are arguably much worse then the other 48 states put together. CA local tax rules (for example) are a walk in the park compared to the other two states.
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                        I happen to have properties in both PA and OH. I found out during my first year with the company that my predecessor had not deducted local Cleveland taxes from employees. We were held responsible by Cleveland and were required to pay several thousand dollars.


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