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Overpaid In New York!

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  • Overpaid In New York!

    Hi, I Work At A Company At An Hourly Rate And On My Offer Letter, It Stated That I Would Get 500 Each Week And Get Paid Bi-weekly. So I Have Now Been Employed For 13 Months And Just Yesterday I Have Been Advised That I Have Been Overpaid And That It Is An Error In Payroll's Department And That This Has Happen Before To A Couple Of Employee's. Now They Want Me To Pay This Money Back Which Amounted To 6,300. Apparently I Have Been Overpaid An Extra 100 Dollars Each Check. I Did Not Know At All Because I Couldnt Tell The Difference And Again This Started Since Day One. I Asked My Employer For More Time So I Can Seek Legal Advice On This Because I Feel Like An 100 Dollar Deduction Now Along With A 50 Dollar Payment Plan Will Kill Me With The Bills I Have At Home. Can I Fight This At All?

    By The Way The Employer Stated To Me That On The Pay Stub It Showed Usually 50 Or 40 Somehours At Regular Pay And Then The Rest At Time And A Half So He Stated That I Should Have Notice So Therefore I Will Not Win But I Am Enrolled In Direct Deposit So As Long As It Is Around The Ball Park Of What I Thought I Should Be Getting Paid I Did Not Question It. Also Why Would It Have Taken A Yr For Them To See The Error? Please Help Me With This Issue.

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    Man, is that post hard to read with every word starting with a capital letter.

    Being enrolled in direct deposit is no excuse for "not knowing". You still get a pay stub.

    Why it took so long, I have no idea, except poor audit processes.

    Are they saying the overpayment was $100 per week? 13 months of employment is 56 (or 57) weeks. How did they come to $6,300?

    Ask them for a breakdown of the overpayment, paycheck by paycheck. What you were paid and what you should have been paid.

    Having said all that, though, $50 per week is pretty reasonable for a $6,300 overpayment.
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      Do you believe that you were overpaid? Or, are you taking his word for it. There isn't enough information in your post for us to tell if you were, or not. The only info about this that you provide is that your pay was to be $500 a week without identifying the hourly rate. So, I'm not understanding if the claim is that (1) you worked more hours and actually earned $600 a week that he is now claiming as an overpayment, or (2) they had your hours correct but through a clerical error overpaid you by $100 a week - tough clerical error to consistently hit an even number, or something else.

      I recommend you pull out your paycheck stubs and figure out what actually happened. Look particularly at the gross pay per week and then how it was calculated. If you can't sort it out, pick a representative stub and post the numbers. Probably someone here can help sort it out for you.
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        Agree, with Patty and Scott. There seems to be some missing information to properly address the issue. BUT, you should have looked at your stub, thats what it's for.
        What would've happened had you been underpaid?


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