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  • Whistleblower California California

    I work for a very large finance company of about 180 employees, and a group of us (about 5) have already spoken to an attorney and there has been a clear violation in which we are entitled to about $45k each (not including interest and penalties) as we have not been paid correctly for the past 2 years and 10 months since we have worked there. Us 5, and about 10 others of the 180 people have also been paid EXACTLY the same.

    I am hesitant not to join the other 5 in filing with the state as I would like to keep my name annonymous when the company gets called by the state.

    My question is if the other 4 file with the state and I don't, am I risking not getting paid at all? or if the other 4 file will the labor board at the state level want to know others that were paid the same way, and at that time I could then get involved?

    My 2nd question: I was told if after the group of 4 file, and they close our division within the within the company down then I would see $0 in compensation. This is another reason, why I considered filing with the group as I don't want to loose the $45k that is entitled to me.

    Can you please answer both questions?
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