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California Not Being Paid For Two Days Work

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  • California Not Being Paid For Two Days Work

    I answered an ad in a newspaper, and the owner of the business called me and we made an oral agreement that I work under a trial basis for 4 days or so, and be paid 'under the table' - she said "off the books" - fine.

    I reported to work on time, and during the course of the day, more or less was told that there is no time to take a lunch, that one employee usually takes turns going and getting drive thru for all (guess who volunteered my first day, cos i was going to faint after 6 hours of no breaks and no eating)
    Anyway, had I known that the workday had no breaks at all, I never would have started. I was never told this. After the second day, I was so tired, I was in the 'blind staggers'.
    The person that I was working with criticized my every move, my every conversation with the customers' etc; I wont go the next morning, I called them and said that I wouldn't be coming back, that it wasn't for me, blah blah blah....................
    So i get this nasty call on my answering machine from the owners daughter (it's a very TIGHT KNIT family business) saying that since I gave them NO NOTICE, that I OWE THEM A DAY..............and I STILL have not gotten paid. That was three weeks ago. I made at least 1500.00 in sales the two days that I worked there. (It is a consigment furniture and design store).
    That night, the owner DID call me and leave a message with my husband, but I never called her back, I didnt want any more to do with it.
    I want my pay for the full two days. What should I do?

    I was going to leave them a message tonite saying that If I dont receive my check by next week, that I have already contacted the labor board.
    any advice?

    thanks all
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    Owed Pay

    Instead of threatening your former employer, you should file a claim immediately with the state. The reason is that you don't want to be accused of any criminal activity AND, even more importantly, your former employer may be required to pay you a penalty on top of the money due to you.

    You can read about filing a claim at the following website:
    Lillian Connell

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      owed pay

      thank you

      going thru all this might cost me as much as they owe me, but to me it's the principal of the matter.


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        The beauty of the California system is that it won't cost you - you may very well end up making a few dollars more. Let me know how it turns out.
        Lillian Connell

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          not paid for two days

          My husband called them this morning, and asked if he could come pick up my money. The owners daughter hmmed and hawed around, and said that I would have to call in order for her to release it to i did, and she left me on hold forever, never came to the phone. See what i'm dealing with here? Nice way to treat someone huh?

          So, i am just going to take your advice and fill out the labor board form from the link that you gave me (thanks so much!) and let THEM handle it.

          I told you the gobble-de-**** about her saying that I 'owed THEM a days pay' for not giving them notice. When my husband and I heard that on our answering machine, we looked at each other and went "huh???????????"
          Guess she makes up the rules as she sees fit.

          When we were left on hold forever (think she'd call ME at my home? She has the way....................) I have been deathly ill for the past week with the flu, so I didn't feel like getting into a screaming match with her anyway. I had my husband listen on the other line, just for my own safety, but when she never picked up, we both hung up, and my husband walked in from the other room and goes"---- 'em - turn em in to the labor board - that's bull----" I must agree.

          So I'lll keep you posted on the progress.
          Thank You again for all your help


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