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Written up/suspended for dangerous conditions? Michigan

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  • Written up/suspended for dangerous conditions? Michigan

    Michigan non-exempt employee. Hourly paid for a large cable company contractor. This week I have been travelling two hours away to another city to work, a city outside my home office's area. Therefore all driving time is required by law to be paid. That issue was resolved a while back. Today however, in the upper peninsula of michigan we are having -35 degree wind chills, worse in some places, and even the college in that city cancelled classes. All kinds of stores and businesses are closed. Plus there are white-out conditions on the highway which is extremely hazardous. So I let the supervisor know ahead of time that I wasn't going to risk my life for that, and I did still get up early and go to my home office for attendance. Now I am getting written up AND suspended 3 days since I didn't go. Is this legal? Is there any kind of protection against this?
    I don't mind anyway because I already have 40hrs this week and it is going to be in the +20s next week lol but this is still outrageous

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    There is nothing in the law that addresses when you can be disciplined/written up. I do agree though, that it does seem unfeeling at best and shows little concern for the safety of the workers at worst.
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