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Exempt in Colorado please help

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  • Exempt in Colorado please help

    I need some help. I started working for a company at 1600 dollars a month. I worked there for 90 days and then got a raise to 2000 dollars a month. But the catch is that my boss wanted me to work all kinds of other jobs so the job he hired me for never got done and then he would yell and scream at me for it. I was hired as his IT guy but after the raise he would have me do other jobs that should have been done by him or someone else. Now he says that he is unhappy with the IT work and changed my salary to 1200 dollars a month, can he do that. I need to know what I can do to fix this. I live in Colorado so I know that the laws are at will state but I am in need of help. My wife is about to deliver a baby so this is the wrong time to have such a huge pay cut.

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    As long as you are notified in advance of working any hours at the lower rate, and there is no enforceable contract in effect, yes it is legal.

    Just so he knows, though, $1200 month is WAY below the salary required by the FLSA for exempt (no overtime) status. The floor is $455/wk ($1971.67/month). So, even if his duties qualified him for exempt status, his salary does not, so overtime pay is required by law.

    The above assumes that the company is subject to the FLSA (nearly all are).
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