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get warning for staying late - i'm a nurse Massachusetts

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  • get warning for staying late - i'm a nurse Massachusetts

    I worked as a nurse in nursing home in an alzheimers unit. I'm on probation. for the last 2 months they've been boucinng me back and forth on different sides of the unit making it impossible to do my job routinely. However for the last 2 1/2 weeks they finally put me to one side, as week passed, I'm starting to get used to meds as well as treatment thus making ea day more easier. However there are nights that residents needs more attention than usual therefore more notes to write as well as other task needs to be done. I work 3-11 but when things at night does not go as planned, I ended up staying 15 mins more to 2 hours depending on the situation that night. I've been getting written up for staying more than 15 minutes -2 hours. It is beyond my control. Some of the old nurses that's been there longer got written up too for staying longer. I don't even take breaks sometimes because you can get busy. The unit manager is no help but she feels that there are things you can do to make time to finish your work but I disagree as well as other nurses...Next time I will be fired. I don't know what my recourse or anylabor laws. One nurse started punching out and comes back to work on the things she did not finished doing. I did this once but I felt it is not right either when you are trying to do your job accurately and appropriately. I feel they do not care about quality care but more so that you should leave on time. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Although it may be terribly unfair, if you are fired for working unauthorized overtime, it would be a legal termination. Now, if you were expected to leave your patients unattended, I would also think about contacting the state nursing board; but if the extra time is normally spent just doing paperwork, there isn't anything they can advise you on.

    Thanks for working with these individuals; my g-ma had Alzheimer's and it's a terrible disease.
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      get warning for staying late - i'm a nurse in MA

      Hi. Thank you for your reply. Actually that's what they use for a reason as OT, however I work only 32 hours a week and in MA, you will need more than 40 hrs to get OT which I do not go over. At the most 35-36. When I first started training, of course I did but I had a nurse with me. Also the unit is very physically demanding as well. Some of the notes we had to write are mandatory accdg to the unit manager unlike when I first started it was only the ones that have behaviour issues or change in mental status. Another thing, some of the aides that worked in the unit once or twice a week they leave around 7pm or 9pm which then both sides have to share the aides and the aides are union which at times very difficult. I also am a team player and there are times the residents are very combative with the aides so I step in and at times you need to approach them in a different way and end up doing the ADLs. There are also families who likes to talk with you and ask you question. I'm not in a habit of ignoring people. Which now I'm thinking I should but then again I can also get legally sued...


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        Just FYI, excepting for a very small handful of states which accrue overtime on a daily basis, there is no state where overtime goes into effect at less than 40 hours. And even in the exceptions, 40 is the standard for weekly OT.

        You have my thanks as well as my aunt died of alzheimers. You're in a tough job and its a shame it's being made harder for you. There are, however, no Federal or MA laws prohibiting them from writing you up for staying late.
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          get warning

          Thank you all for the response. I tried my best to give them the quality and dignity they deserved. I get punched at times or kicked because they do not know anybetter. At times you need to really talked to them in a voice they do not feel threatened. You have to have patience as well but now I feel that I should not be doing this and simply pass meds, write your notes and at a minimum pay little attention to them as well as the families if I have to worry about going over my scheduled time. Yet I do not want to punch out and not get paid for the hours I worked either. I am not in a habit of sitting around and talking either, I'm constantly on my feet and as I mentioned earlier I usually don't take breaks. Now I feel so disheartened everytime I go in there that they are more focus on your time rather than giving quality care but yet their mission statement states that their program is resident based care...such bull...


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