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Bounced Payroll Checks in Ohio Ohio Ohio

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  • Bounced Payroll Checks in Ohio Ohio Ohio

    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section, but I have a question. Is there a telephone number a person can call regarding bounced payroll checks? My employer has been making it a habit of bouncing payroll checks almost on a weekly basis. Serveral of us has had enough and would like to call and report him. He's even bouncing checks he pays to the vendors. In the last 2 weeks, i have personally taken close to 50 calls from vendors saying their checks have bounced. The boss doesn't seem to care. He's like oh well. He has his check direct deposited and as far as I know the direct deposit people have not had any trouble with thier checks, it just the people who receive a paper check. Any anybody can give me a number to call or what I can do about this I would greatly appreciate it.


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    You can call your state DOL but I am not in your state to give you the phone number. It will be in the phone book under State of Ohio Agencies or whatever your local phone company calls it.
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      So, if you go direct deposit, you won't have any problems.

      I am not condoning employers bouncing checks, especially payroll checks.
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        Ohio Department of Commerce
        Division of Labor and Worker Safety
        Wage and Hour Bureau
        77 South High Street, 22nd Floor
        Columbus, Ohio 43215
        (614) 644-2239
        Fax: (614) 728-8639

        Robert Kennedy, Superintendent

        or you may E-Mail your query to:

        [email protected]
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          OH is not my state but there are generally state laws other then labor law that very specifically addresses bounced checks and those laws frequently have much more significant penalties associated with them then the more general "late payment" rules associated with state "pay day" laws.
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