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Massive withheld pay from many hourly employees Georgia

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  • Massive withheld pay from many hourly employees Georgia

    State: Georgia

    I work for a company that has began docking their hourly employees' pay every night for "leaving early". There is no time clock, and the employees do not actually sign a time sheet coming to or leaving work. The employees are told to see a supervisor and then that supervisor dismisses them for the day, and then the supervisor records whether or not they checked out.

    I am concerned about the legality of this method of disciplining employees, and fear that the company may be doing this simply to cut costs. I wonder if anyone here could shed some light on the subject or point me in the right direction.

    Some more info:

    Hourly pay is being witheld daily from many employees, sometimes over 100 of them a day. It is very arbitrary; some employees get docked often, some never, regardless of whether or not they claim to have "checked with a supervisor". In that there is no time clock or other objective means of recording, it is essentially the employees' word against whatever supervisor is on duty.

    They are usually docked 1 to 2 hours a day. It is very arbitrary and unpredictable.

    The employees are not given a written or verbal notice when or why their pay is withheld. They can however check on a computer two weeks later and see what days they were docked (but no reason is given). It shows on the computer as "Personal time off".

    The employees are not in a union.

    The company is a large airline. Does the railway act or any other particular laws allow an airline to do this (assuming it is potentially illegal), where another company might not be able to?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    I don't disagree that it is poor recordkeeping to not have time records completed by the employee. I don't understand your question about discipline, though. How is this disciplinary?

    No law allows the employer to not pay hourly nonexempt employees for all time worked; exceptions basically apply to overtime, even if the Railway Act did apply.

    Unfortunately, your only legal recourse at this time is either a claim with the federal Dept. of Labor, or a civil claim. Honestly, if there is this much of this going on with a large number of employees, an attorney might be interested in representing the whole lot of you. IMHO, it would certainly be worth at least talking to one.

    Oh, and start keeping your own records of your work time, at home. You may find such records handy some day.
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