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Threatened with job over unpaid training that is required Kentucky

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  • Threatened with job over unpaid training that is required Kentucky

    I make STRICTLY commission. NO BASE PAY.

    & today I got a write up because only 93% of my training is up to date.

    You see, they tack on new training modules for you to do on the computer every month. They expect you to find time durring your sales shift to complete the training on a computer out on the floor.

    I refuse to do so.

    I believe you should get paid for any and all training.

    If you will read my prior post that has went unanswered, you'll find my other questions. The employer is doing all they can to get away from paying employees for labor that is not related to job performance.

    Take another example today,

    I had to physically move dozens of fridges and shelves, etc. etc.
    This took up a good amount of time and was quite frankly: "labor."

    I did not sign on to be used as a tool for the store and free labor.

    Please someone help me with advice... I'm this close to quitting but before I do, I want to make sure I make it clear to them what the laws are.

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