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Commission w/ NON-PAID Meetings & Labor Kentucky Kentucky

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  • Commission w/ NON-PAID Meetings & Labor Kentucky Kentucky

    Things are starting to get outta hand at my jobsite.

    I work for a nationally known retail chain that pays its sales employees strictly commission. No hourly or base rate.

    Since starting, they have required weekly labor duties that are outside of the stores operating hours. I.E. -Visiting stock room warehouse and doing manual labor. Changing out sale signs on every item in the store. Doing an inventory count on all merchandise, etc.

    Lately... they have event tacked on a weekly ***** fest meeting about how you can sale warranties better and how it's a MUST. But that's another story.

    The main question really is, can they get away with not paying you for labor related work or mandatory meetings that falls outside of the oppurtunity for your sales.

    I'd say at this point, it averages up to 3 hours or slightly more a week of NON-PAID work & required meetings.

    It seems they are cutting floor hours more and more lately and increasing the amount of hours doing other things not related to your ability to be on the floor selling merchandise during store operating hours.

    KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE EXTRA NON-PAID NON PRODUCTIVE HOURS COUNT TOWARDS YOUR SALES SALARY STATS. Therefore your more likely to go into DRAW and have to pay them for all the extra work you did?

    Isn't this illegal?

    Its almost like they are doing it on purpose.

    One would think they would have to pay you for any non-sales work that falls outside operating hours. & mandatory meetings.
    & one would think they would remove those hours from your sales goals for the week.

    I.E. Your sales goal for the week is $5,000 (this is tabluated based on store sales by hour, etc. etc.)

    So if your doing non-paid work outside of store hours, your numbers are going to be down in sales.


    Working and not getting paid for it. Doing jobs that we did not sign on or agree to in employment application. Not getting paid for mandatory meetings as well.

    desperate for answers as I'm finding all Kentucky Law pages to be useless.
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