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need information on hours worked California

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  • need information on hours worked California

    I have a question, I live in California. I would like to know if you show up for work, and on time and are told there is no work all of a sudden for that day, no fault of your own, and were not contacted prior to going to work, and are scheduled to work 8 hours are you entitled to 2 hours, 4 hours or ANY hours of pay under California Labor Laws. I've been told by some people it's 4 hours or 1/2 of what your scheduled to work, others have told me 2 hours. Can anyone help me on this. This has happened to me twice in this month alone and quite a few time in the past. I have found on a certain site on the internet, it's 4 hours or 1/2 of what your scheduled to work. I'm also afraid if this IS to be true to talk to my company in fear I will lose my job once I ask this, but am tired of not being paid what is owed to me. Any replys welcomed very much.

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    It is half of your scheduled shift, not to exceed four hours and not less than two hours.

    So, if you are scheduled for eight hours or more, you get paid four. Less than eight hours gets half of what was scheduled, but not less than two hours.

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      Have another question on this same issue


      Thank you Scott B for your answer, and so quickly, I appreciate it much. I did go to the website you posted for me, and have another question if I may. #13 regarding "if my employer retaliates against me, by firing me for telliing him he owes me reporting time pay, or because I threaten to file a claim, or even file a claim, it does tell me I can file a discrimination/retaliation complaint, BUT I cannot even afford to lose my job in the meantime, and with the exception of this I love my actual job, and the crew I work with. Do you know how this part of it works for me if I were to lose my job over this, or what the possible outcome might be if this did happen. I mean what would/could I gain by doing this. I'm just tired of NOT doing anything about this and them just getting away with it, it's not fair and no one else (because their scared of losing their job too) will or has not obviously brought this to their attention, and I don't blame them one bit for I too am scared.

      Maybe if I give you some insight on what I do and what kind of a man (the district manager for the Southern California division) I'm dealing with will help you to answer me on this. I am a retail Merchandiser. The company I work for, well we do the grocery resets for 1 of the 3 major grocery stores, I am not employed by the store. I have only met my actual boss (the district manager for southern california) face to face approximately 3-4 times in the 4 years I've been employed by this company. He lives here in the area and I would expect we would see more of him in our stores from time to time but we don't. He has no respect for us as workers and here is just 1 example why I say this. 1 of the 3-4 times I did meet him face to face, he came into the store we were working that night, and was upset with all of us for this and that, nothing to do with actually working in the store, but other issues, ie, timesheets not being submitted properly, people being late, not calling in, stuff like that, nothing to do with our actual job performance in the store, however this one night he came in, gathered us all in the front of the store and actually yelled, yes yelled at all of us in front of the customers, and the store personnel, where there were people and workers standing there in awe watching this performance, it was SO embarassing, and so unethical, I can't believe he would even conduct himself like that, he could have easily taken us all outside and then let us have it, but no that was how he chose to deal with the problems. I cannot believe also that the store manager did nothing on this act of unprofessionalism. Besides the crew I work on there are 4 other crews in the Orange County area he's in charge of (all of us work for the same company) and out of the other 4, 2 other crews have mentioned he did the same to them, so this dosen't seem to bother him how he treats his employees. I'm only mentioning this because I'd like you to know what I'm up against if I do go forth and ask for this pay or should have to take it to court. He may not actually fire me but I know for a fact he would slowely take me off the schedule, giving me little to no hours of work which would FORCE me to have to quit. Do you see my situation a little more clearly now, I hope so. What would you do in this situation. I just need some advice from someone who does not work for the company, an outsider, I guess you'd say.

      I'm sorry this was so long, and again, thank you for answering me in the first place, and so quickly. I look forward to hearing what you might have to say, again, if you will so kindly do so.

      Have a nice day!!


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