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Working lots of hours in South Carolina

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  • Working lots of hours in South Carolina

    If you are being paid salery how many hours can an employer make you work
    I understand that they don't have to pay overtime. but is their a limit to how many hours they have you work or is it if you just want to keep your job you have to come in when ever they tell you to. I am a Manager at a Fast food resturant.
    Thank you for any advice I can get

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    During 50 weeks of the year, you cannot be required to work more than 168 hours a week, since that is all there is available (one week has 169 and one has 167).

    Seriously, for MOST occupations and most states, there are no laws limiting how much any employee, exempt or non-exempt, can be required to work. Two notable exceptions on the states are Maine and California and even those don't cap the hours for exempt employees (well, Maine does for all exempts except Executive) and the limits in those states are not low.

    California allows 72 hours a week and Maine 80 hours of overtime in any two work weeks. That means, in Maine, that if you worked 40 hours last week and will work only 40 hours next week, the company could require you to put in 120 hours this week.
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