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PAY the IRS!!!! Payroll Taxes and Employee Payroll Pennsylvania

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  • PAY the IRS!!!! Payroll Taxes and Employee Payroll Pennsylvania

    I work for a small company in Philadelphia. Sometimes our direct deposit wouldn't go through and sometimes we were paid a few days late. Our last check on 12/28/07 our employer couldn't pay us. He said that we when were not having direct deposit over the past year, he wasn't paying his payroll taxes and he had to use our payroll money to pay the IRS by the end of the year so that we could get W2 forms. He also gave us a letter which showed that all the payrolls would be pushed back and he wouldn't be able to give us the money he owed us on 12/28 for SEVERAL MONTHS!!! In addition people would go to pharmacy and be told that insurance premiums were not paid and we had to pay full price for prescriptions. Once we got letters saying that all of our dependents were dropped from insurance because the compnay did not pay. There are about 30-40 employees in the company.

    People in the agency are angry but scared to file complaints for fear of reprocussions from the director/owner during the time they are still working there. There are also some people that left that he owes money too for their last check that he has not paid. What is the best course of action to take? Can anonymous complaints be filed? HELP!

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    Originally posted by brownfeather View Post
    What is the best course of action to take?
    Get another job, now. It is very likely the employer will be closing it's doors in the near future. Either file a wage claim with your state DOL or talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, but take one of these actions very quickly without fail. You need to get your legal claim in very quickly before the likely bankruptcy filing occurs. And the chances you will get paid at all for any further work you do is very poor.

    Complain to anyone you want, but if the employer has no money or assets, the chances of a good outcome are very poor. And IRS is very good at getting to the front of the line when these sort of things happens.

    BTW, the "employer needs to pay IRS to issue W2s" argument is complete nonsense. If you do not get your W-2, just download a form 4852 from the IRS website.
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