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Employee sent home early Arizona

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  • Employee sent home early Arizona

    Our office was open December 31st but was closed the following day (New Year's Day). On December 31st it was pretty quiet so we decided to shut down an hour early and sent everyone home at 4:00 pm. One of my hourly employees believes that if we send hourlies home before the usual time we are obligated to pay for the hour she would ordinarily have been able to work. This was not my understanding, but I promised her I would double check to see if I was wrong.

    If we close the office early, are we obliged to pay hourly wages through to the usual out-time?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Assuming this is a nonexempt employee (not all hourly employees are, but the greatest majority are), then no, you are not.

    Often, when employees have stated such things like "the law requires you to" do X, I've responded "Please bring me a copy of the law or a link to it on the internet, and I'll be happy to review it". I've NEVER had an employee take me up on it in 30 years in the payroll/HR business.
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      Originally posted by Pattymd View Post
      I've NEVER had an employee take me up on it in 30 years in the payroll/HR business.
      You have been lucky. I have. My last employer was an software company and many of the employees considered Google to be nice "training wheels" type of service for people who did not understand much how the Internet worked. The same people who consider Windows to be a passing fad, because UNIX was (ITO) a much better platform. The same people who wrote the legacy time accounting system using the UNIX VI text editor as the core engine (those of you who do not feel your last meal starting to come up have never used UNIX).

      We had employees doing their own labor law research with some frequency. On occasion they even came up with a correct answer. Of course, a certain percentage of these self-help types were Tax Protesters. They were always very entertaining when you were on deadline with something. Did you folks know that if an employee declares themselves "sovereign" that not only must the employer stop withholding all taxes but the payroll people get put into stocks and the employees get to throw dead cats at them? It is all there in the Constitution or Common Law or maybe the Dead Sea Scrolls (depending on who you are talking to).
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        Are those clawed or declawed cats?


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