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Monthly payroll Massachusetts

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  • Monthly payroll Massachusetts

    I work for a small company. We are paid monthly but not conistently. Some months we are paid on the 1st others it could not be until the 7th of the month. However, this year for example, rather than receive 12 paychecks we received 13. Beginning of the month Jan-Dec and again end of December for a total of 13 checks. This will overstate my income when I need to complete financial aid forms for my son in college. Is this allowed and if so how do I deal with the overstating of my salary on financial aid forms?

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    Whether or not it is legal to pay you on a monthly basis, I'm not going to get into as you don't seem to be questioning that.

    However, the employer is required to pay on a regular schedule. If your paycheck was normally due on January 1, it would be a very common payroll practice to pay it on the previous business day. You can include a statement on the forms, if you wish, that you received 13 monthly paychecks in 2007 and therefore will receive only 11 in 2008. Whether that will make a difference or not, I wouldn't have any way of knowing.
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      Thank you for your response. An additional question - you stated "the employer is required to pay on a regular schedule". Isn't giving me 13 paychecks not on a regular schedule? How do I address this?


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        No, that's not a correct interpretation and there is nothing to "address", at least as far as your January 1 paycheck being paid on December 31. On a "regular schedule" means that, if your paydays are designated as the first of the month, then they should be paid on NO LATER than the first of each month. There is nothing illegal about advancing paydays, especially when the payday falls on a bank or company holiday. It's very common and, in fact, a few states (although not Massachusetts, to my knowledge) require it.

        Now, if February 1st falls on a work day (that is not a bank holiday) and you don't get paid until February 8, THAT is not paying on a "regular schedule".
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          Hmmmm...thank you!


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