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Employer failed to deduct taxes. Maryland

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  • Employer failed to deduct taxes. Maryland

    I worked for only a week at a small business in Maryland. They mailed my final check to me and they failed to deduct for Social Security, State & Federal taxes, Medicare, etc. The bookkeeper isn't very competent, so I think it's just another one of her honest mistakes.
    Does anyone have any advice for me?

    Thanks very much for your help,

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    Talk to the bookkeeper, explain the problem and ask them to fix it. You have basically been overpaid (on a net pay basis). Your employer needs to recalculate the payment, generally do a spreedsheet with "what we did", what we should have done", "difference" columns. You would normally send them a check for the net pay difference, and they would normally process the difference in a similar manner to a check cancel in their payroll system. However you cannot force them to do this, so be polite and just talk to them.

    The following is the address to a good free on-line payroll calcuator.
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      Thanks so much. That is exactly what I thought I should do.



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