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Didn't clock in/out so not paid for over 1month California

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  • Didn't clock in/out so not paid for over 1month California

    This is an ongoing problem with my place of employment. I work in a hospital with a very large number of employees. When it gets busy we sometimes forget to clock in or out (or sometimes the machine doesn't work) so we have to fill out a manual correction form. The problem is sometimes we won't get paid for our shift for up to a month later. I specifically asked my employer to cut me a check, as I was missing $1200 from my check and needed it to make my mortgage payment. I was told that there was a large volume of manual corrections, and employees would not be getting paid for their missed shifts for two pay periods(one month). This just doesn't seem legal. Is there a law that states how quickly an employer must pay an employee once a correction form is filled out?

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      And if I may say so, the problem can be greatly reduced if you all stop "forgetting" to clock in and out.
      The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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        I agree with the other two answers. I will say however as someone who has done a lot of CA payrolls over the years, something you said does not make a lot of sense. I can understand an employer not wanting to do hand checks if possible. Hand checks are very time consuming and potentially error prone. On the other hand, doing a correction through the next automated payroll is very easy, particularly if your employer knows what they are doing. And lagging the correction into the 2nd following payroll (if that is what you are saying) makes more work for payroll, not less. I have always wanted payroll's "inbox" to be as clean as possible after submitting a payroll. Unless your employer is either playing games or less then competent, lagging corrections into a 2nd following payroll makes no sense.

        Past that, what CBG said. Your checks are wrong because you are choosing to not proof your timesheets. If things are as messed up as you said, then it sounds like a lot of your employees are choosing to not proof their timesheets.

        Payroll is a very automated process. On my last several jobs, if the data entry was done correctly, there was literally no additional work needed at all by payroll to process the payment. And most payroll departments are staffed based on things working correctly. However, chasing down missing time sheets entries, and doing after the fact corrections takes time. Fixing via hand checks instead of the next automated payroll takes a lot more time. And even if payroll is willing to work unlimited amounts of overtime, management is not always willing to pay for this overtime. If payroll gets far enough behind, sometimes they never catch up, and it is easier for payroll staff to just get another job elsewhere.
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