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Comission check withheld - Missouri

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  • Comission check withheld - Missouri

    I work for a small company here in the Kansas City area. A week ago I had a customer pay for a order with a gift card. The gift card machine at out company is hit and miss on if it works correctly. I swiped the card and it said receiving for bit, I have had this happen before and just let it go and it would finally transmit the card. I went ahead and let the customer take the items purchased due to having the card machine be ok before in the past. I worked the remainder of the week and was called into the office on Thrus (late afternoon) to tell me that the transaction did not go thru and they cannot get ahold of the customer. I offerd assistance and they said that they would take care of it but for the time being I would be suspended w/o pay till they got to the bottom of the mishap. I was in shock really but accepted the punishment and left the building. That friday I was due my paycheck along with my commission check, my regular pay was put thru to my bank but they held the commission check (question of legality). I called them and go no where until today when I spoke with the COO of the company who informed me he was holding that money because the way he see's it is that I owe the company for the merchandise that left the building. IS THIS LEGAL???

    thanks for replys.

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    Does you commission agreement provide for withholding or reduction of commissions for lost revenue due to employee error?

    As an anecdote, I tried to use a credit card at a store once where the card transmission system was down and I was NOT allowed to leave the store with the merchandise. Probably a good idea.
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