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Changes in Time Clock Minnesota

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  • Changes in Time Clock Minnesota

    We recently went from writing our times of work to swiping in on a time clock. We are on a 15 minute cycle and noticed that if we swipe out say 3 minutes before the next 15 minute span it reverts back to the previous quarter hour. Example- swipe out at 257 you only get paid until 245 and not 300 which any other system I have worked for it would. Is this legal or do they owe us for the time we worked atleast until we swipe out? Any information on this would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

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    The "soft" answer is that "rounding" is only allowed to the nearest quarter-hour. The intent of the regulation is that nonexempt employees get paid for "substantially" all hours worked.However, what happens if you clock out at 3:03?
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      If you clock out at 3:03 it also reverts back to 3:00 and will do so up until 3:15, so it also rounds back to 3:00 is you clock out at 3:14. The time clock will always round back if you have not passed the next quarter hour. We have brought this to the attention of management, and have been told we would have to grieve this through our union. We do not have any written policies regarding the time clock and how any rounding is to be computed. It seems it only rounds back. Do you know of any laws that regard this practice?


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        Found the Info

        Thanks for your help. I found the information under other threads on this with the regulation being located at

        Thanks again for your quick responses.


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          Yep, that's what I was going to give you after I'd explored the other question. What I was trying to get at was, even if they always rounded BACK when you clocked in, if they always rounded UP when you clocked out then, theoretically, it would all "come out in the wash" as my grandpa used to say. But, since they don't do that, that would be the regulation that would apply.
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