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Pay for Riding Time

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  • Pay for Riding Time

    I work for a Commercial Plumbing company. We travel all over the state and sometimes out of state on jobs. The company does not pay us for any of our travel time to and from these jobs. All of our different crews usually meet at our shop or a place designated by each crew and travel to and from the jobs by way of company vehicles. Our hours are generally 7am to 3:30 pm. We are expected to be on the job sites and begin work at 7am, which can be and usually is over an hour from our companies location. We do not recieve any compensation for our travel time to and from work in the company trucks. We are often spending 10 to 12 hours a day at work ,including travel time, and only getting paid for the 8 hours we are actually on the job site.
    I have worked for some companies that paid from the time you leave in the company truck to the time you return back to the shop in the evenings. My question would be...Is there a law that requires employers to pay for time spent riding to and from work in company vehicles?

    It would seem to me that we should atleast get paid our time riding to the job. We also often required to pick up materials or equipment prior to leaving to the job site, if this is done before 7am we are not paid for this work.

    This is my first post on the site...I hope that I am following proper procedure...

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    You might consider editing out your email address. You are risking serious spam (or worse) by posting it on a public website.


    This answer assume that you are legally Non-Exempt (someone who gets paid overtime). Properly classified Exempt employees have no legal right to paid overtime and determining their hours worked is something of a meaningless excercise.

    The federal rules on this subject are FLSA regulations 29 CFR 785.33-785.41. I am including a webpointer to the first of these regulations. You can page back and forth from there until you have read all of the regulations. None of the regulations are very long and you might want to copy and paste them into a single text document.

    CT may or may not have rules, but CT is not my state and I cannot help you with that. The rules affecting you cannot be any worse then the federal rules. No state or employer can make the federal rules go away.
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      One very pertinent part of the CFR is

      Where an employee is required to report
      at a meeting place to receive instructions or to perform other work
      there, or to pick up and to carry tools, the travel from the designated
      place to the work place is part of the day's work, and must be counted
      as hours worked regardless of contract, custom, or practice.

      However, this does not cover ALL of the times that the original poster went to the office only to be transported to the job site without doing any work prior to getting to the site.
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